No Room For Victims in This Crisis!

As unemployment rises and newspapers mourn the times, we see that credit markets freeze, homeowners collapse, businesses suffer, and banks go bankrupt. The whisper of the Great Depression is getting louder. This financial crisis is very likely to pose an existential threat to our generation. The reaction of our renowned financiers and industry elite captains was to line up with public handouts. But in reality the closet is empty. There is nothing to give out other than handcuffs for future generations. Our business and political leaders claim to be victims and victims of power beyond their control. It is men and women who have ridden the waves in a glorious way to accumulate unprecedented wealth for themselves and their wealthy interests. Honesty, honesty, and selflessness are outdated concepts, and it seems that only those who go crazy during times of irrational enthusiasm are stuck.
People, oh people, we are not exempt from collusion. As known in ancient times, we are a whimsical bunch. All we really need is bread and games. Give us minimal comfort and entertain us-everything is ready to drink. The challenge at the time: removing the small amount of wealth stored from the crowd.
Creative financial leverage is the medium used by financial giants, industry captains, and the masses. Finance is our virtue, our deputy, our king. We are free and willing to enjoy the plan until Card’s house collapses. The devastation of the storm revealed the true character of those who entrusted the keys of the kingdom. We have to ask about the most serious abyss: what is it now?

Where did the bold, brutal and privileged elite go? People at the top of the economic food chain are weak, helpless and hopeless. They declared themselves victims and now they have loot. The excited, enthusiastic and oppressed masses are now afraid of the worst. There are no free rides, it’s time to pay. Visit:-

There is no place for the victims of this crisis.

Blame “they” for the turmoil we are in provides a moment of relief to enjoy moral anger, but it helps to sacrifice us and incapacitate us. increase. Claiming the status of victims, such as financial giants and industry captains, will undermine all the dignity of the last of the disasters we create. Financial giants and industry captains should not be allowed to leave their arrogant and rich games of deception and deception. But waiting for those who have taken us seriously to fix this turmoil is an illusion that is almost comparable to relying on finances as the core of our national economy.

Now we have to decide whether we want to give up or give up and learn from our mistakes. We can choose to be victims, helpless and desperate, or we choose to control life, take responsibility for our situation, and control our journey can do. Believe it or not, the time left is limited.

After we reach the age of testing the male soul, we must admit-this is a call for our response. Now we need more than ever good, solid and visionary men and women, sincere people, those who seek the truth and act for the public good. We need to set aside nepotist accomplices for personal glory, fame, and good luck.
The world financial system is on fire. The fire is ignited by throwing money into the mess with an overloaded lever. When you put in money, light and heat (stimulation) are generated in the short term, but in the end, burnt ruins remain.

Since the steel is forged in a crucible, this crisis could be our character cross. We cannot afford to be victims. There are only two choices. Ride the waves and hit the rocks until the last drop of energy is used. Or take responsibility for the situation, dominate and resume our destiny as a nation. We are at a crossroads. By exchanging independence, discipline and dedication for immediate satisfaction and material excess on every occasion, we can continue on the path we have pursued for over 40 years. Willing to bear our excess burden on future generations. Or you can start over: rebuild your wasted trust, support past generations, and relive the values ​​that were the world’s beacon.
We will use our selfless vision and practical ingenuity to fulfill our principle-based national promises and work to pursue the well-being of ourselves and future generations, creating a new freedom. Can be achieved.

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