The amount of research done and the methods used were far more extensive than any other study. Publication of the University of Chicago in 1994. Provocatively titled Sex in America. The scientific edition was called The Social Organization of Sexuality. While all sex study are controversial, this one attempted to avoid research flaws to ensure that it represented America as accurately as possible. 3 432 randomly selected American men & women aged 18 to 59 were interviewed by trained workers.

One surprising finding was that sex doesn’t happen as frequently as most people believe. The research found that only about one third of those surveyed had sex with their partner at least once a week. Another third had sex with their partner just once a month. And the rest have sex, either with a single partner or with multiple partners, less often than one year. How does this change if singles are excluded and married people are included? There is a 20% chance that married couples aged 18 to 59 have sex 10 times or less each year. Another 15% sex with one another about once a month or less. The “ten-time-or-less” couples are sometimes referred to no-sex or sexless marriages. The low-sex group of “about two times a month” is called low-sex. We’ll combine them here to form sexless weddings.

Why should Christians be concerned by sexless relationships? First, although there is a Biblical command that Christians should not have sexless marriages they still exist. Studies have shown that marital satisfaction is linked to sexual satisfaction. The satisfaction with their relationship as a whole is negatively affected if one or both partners are sexually dissatisfied. Third, medical science shows that people who have sexual fulfillment experience significant medical benefits. Christians must take good care of themselves. Christians must be sexually active in marriages. Fourth, pornography. Sexy marriages can lead to more porn. Porn usage can also lead to sexless marriages. Porn can have an effect on sexual fulfillment or not.

Biblical Imperative. Despite some claiming that sex shouldn’t be an issue in a Christian married relationship, Paul said it is. “The husband must fulfill his wife’s sexual wants, and the wife her husband’s. The husband should have authority over the wife’s body while his wife has it. Don’t deprive your partner of sexual relations. You should get together again afterward to make sure Satan isn’t tempted by your lack self-control. (1 Corinthians 7 to 5, New Living Version)

Although it’s not often preached from modern pulpits this is a commandment of God. It is wrong and illegal to take a spouse’s sexual fulfillment away from them. It is a violation of the law.

How often does it suffice to obey this command? It may be found in the health benefits discussed.

Marital Satisfaction
While many studies could be cited to prove the point, observation and common sense proved it before any social scientists. Sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction are closely linked. It’s interesting that it is not a “chicken/egg” question as far as social sciences go. Is it true that a higher marital satisfaction leads to greater sexual satisfaction for a couple, or the reverse? I am currently researching this question under the auspices of University of Sydney (Australia). Visit:-

My experience in thousands of marriages has shown that if one isn’t satisfied with the marriage, s/he is rarely satisfied with sex. It is also possible for one spouse to not be happy with the marital sex. Sometimes it is so mutually beneficial that each spouse can’t live without the others. There is one thing that is certain, however: if a husband/wife is unhappy with the sexual relationship within the marriage (too much, not sensual sufficiently, poor skills and body in shape, hygiene issues, hang-ups etc.), then they may not be very satisfied with the marriage.

God commands us to have sexual relations in our marriages. It has been proven that this is a key factor in marital fulfillment. If the church believes divorce should be avoided and it is better to stay married, then the church needs to clearly preach the Bible’s sexual commandment in order for sexual fulfillment.

Health Benefits
Many studies have been done worldwide on the medical aspects of sexual fulfillment. The Science of Orgasm: The Science of Orgasm, by The Johns Hopkins University Press, is too many to list.

An Israeli study showed that women who experience fulfillment more often are less likely be to have a coronary attack. There are also studies from other parts of the globe that focus on decreasing the chance of endometriosis or reducing the intensity and frequency of cramps. You can also reduce your chances of getting breast cancer through sexual interaction.

A British study revealed that men who have fulfilled lives are less likely be to have a heart attack. They are also less likely to develop prostate cancer, according to other studies.

Once a man or a woman achieves fulfillment, oxytocin enters the brain and body in quantities that encourage bonding. When a married couple experiences sexual fulfillment (each member is satisfied), they bond more and are more connected.

In addition, satisfaction with each achievement reduces stress and anxiety, and the body’s capacity to handle pain betters.

How often are these “fulfillments”, which can have a positive health effect, taking place in these studies. Consider this: every 72 hours, the male’s body produces a new batch. God made men like that. If fulfillment was possible on average once every 72 hours, this would make it about two to four times per week. That’s roughly the average study that found fulfillment to be medically helpful. It appears that God has called us to have sex at least two to three times per day with our spouses. We should all be happy. There are many benefits to marriages that have this frequency. They also provide emotional and physical benefits. The marriages are more satisfied, as previously mentioned. How one takes care of their bodies, especially when it comes down to sexual fulfillment, can also be a benefit for the marriage. It all links together.

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