Home Improvement With Flooring and Concrete

If you want to improve the value of your home, you need to upgrade your basement. Most homes are built on concrete slabs, and basements tend to be unfinished storage areas. Concrete structures are cheap, durable and effective. Unfortunately, it is gray and ugly under standard conditions.

First, consider laying tiles or linoleum. Carpets are not recommended for basement repairs, as basements tend to collect water due to improper drainage and penetration from the soil around the house. It quickly destroys carpets and rugs, provides a thriving home for mold colonies, and can cause allergies and the release of toxic gases. Throwing rugs on the floor is welcome, but decorate the floor with something that is unaffected by moisture.

A good tile pattern can be used to create an optical illusion of more space by using a geometric pattern that runs diagonally through the room. The eyes follow diagonal lines and the room looks large. Similarly, bright walls can give the basement a more airy and open finish, even in the absence of much window or natural light, and will definitely improve the appearance of concrete block walls. Visit:- https://www.bchirartcenter.com/

More interesting flooring options are acid treatment or acid stains. Detergents can be applied by using a dilute mixture of acids, water, metal salts and other materials. The acid acts as an emulsifier and puts the metal salt in a solution containing slaked lime. This creates permanent, insoluble stains on the concrete that penetrate the pores on the surface of the concrete. These chemical stains occur in three basic color groups: black, brown, and turquoise, and are usually rich in earth color. They are moped like a floor polish. By modifying the application, you can create vortex patterns such as coffee crumbs.

You can also draw lines on the floor on a regular basis by applying different widths before applying the stain. As the stain dries, it pulls up and there are lines of the original color of the concrete that cut through the colored surface. Because it is laid directly, you can adjust the geometry differently than when laying tiles. After smearing, you can also use a sticker or roller brush to place the paint pattern on the floor. Apply the sealant twice on top of everything to protect the paint. With the right materials, you can achieve a “blond” finish that cuts through deep ground floors, or design dark green bush leaf-like patterns on black and brown backgrounds.

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