A Travel Blog is the Best Way to Record Your Vacation Travel

It’s simply an online diary, or log, of your ideas and daily activities. Most men and women take their laptop with them on vacation so that they are able check their mails and send messages. It is therefore straightforward to prepare a travel blog on your laptop before you go, and to upgrade it as you journey.

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We discover it is not always possible or easy to get access to the Web once we are travelling. We take brief notes of the areas we see and the things that interest us daily so that we don’t forget anything when we are transferring our experiences to our website. It saves time and head scratching when we’re attempting to recall what we did a couple of days before.We kept a travel site when we were in Britain last Summer and we discovered it was the best way to record our experiences. Now we have an entire, day by day, record of our vacation with corresponding photos. Much better than dim memories of exactly what we did and evaporating photos in an old record.One of the advantages of a travel blog is that it allows your loved ones members and friends to follow your blogs and also to keep current with your journeys. We were surprised how a lot of our friends followed our blogs and delivered comments and queries about our adventures.Perhaps I need to explain that your latest entry appears along with your blog, with previous days entrances under it. In other words, the last entry is original. When we arrived home we just reversed the order that we are able to read about our trip beginning at day one and moving on out there. This is a great way to keep lasting memories of a magic holiday trip.We called our household travel blog,’tracing-suffolk-roots’ as it had been kept purely to record our experiences and photos as we tracked our family history and ancestors at the Suffolk area of England. Aside from your notebook, set up to shoot your own blogs, and a diary or notebook to jot things down as you move, you’ll require a good digital camera to capture the images of your adventures. Recently we’ve added a Squidoo lens to include more on the subject of traveling sites. You can find our lens in http://www.squidoo.com/holiday_blog It moves in to a Bit More depth about Establishing a holiday blog and contains some advice and suggestions for getting the most from your camera a

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